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Our Shipping rates are going up

Apparently the Post Office made a policy change on October 1st, 2008. They are now trying to cram as much mail thru their machinery as possible. This affects us mostly because they determine what is machinable by thickness, not by what we mark on the outside of the package or how much postage we put on it. It used to be that we could put a single CD in a thin mailer with the standard letter rate on it and it would show up just fine every time. Not they are putting every one thru the machines and breaking them. Not only do we have to pay 50% more in postage, but we also have to use cases and cardboard mailers for 1 and 2 CD orders, just to make sure you get them OK the first time. This adds a dollar to our shipping costs, we have no choice but to pass that cost on. So our basic shipping rate is going up from $3.00 to $4.00 effective immediately. Sorry, complain to the Postmaster General.


Reference CD's and DVD's

We can usually ship these out the next day after your order.



We need to let the ink dry on the maps before we laminate them, we can usually ship these in 2-3 days from your order.



Game pieces need to be printed, laminated, mounted, and sometimes cut. Dry time is needed for both the lamination and cutting, the glue needs to dry for 24 hours before the counters are cut. Expect 4-5 days for uncut counters, and up to a week for cut counters. Orders for the Civilization 20 counter sets will tak a full week to ship.


Unexpected Delays

Things happen. Recently we ran out of ink and paper in the same week, when we got those items in, we discovered the print heads were bad too. There was a 3-4 day period we couldn't print counters at all.

We will let you know when you order if there are any delays for the items you want. We often break up the shipment to accomodate different media formats. CD's/DVD's, Counters, and Maps don't mix well. Maps always ship seperately.