Custom Counters

By the Sheet, single sided


Now you can get your own counters printed, laminated, mounted, and Cut - minimum order quantity of 1. Where else can you get that?

Here is a Adobe Photoshop template you can use to create your counters: Link

Here is an Adobe Photoshop Die Cutter template you can drop your counters into: Link Updated 10/12/2020

Here's the 5/8in template: Link

Here's the 3/4in template: Link

Here's the 1in template: Link

Basic Instructions:
Turn on/off the layers you want, change any numbers or text you need forthe counter to be created, then merge the visible layers. Copy the image, and paste it into the Die Cutter template. When the diecutter template is full, flatten the image, rotate to portrait view, and save as a JPG or PSD file. Email us the image, we'll send a PayPal invoice. When paid, we'll print, mount, and diecut the counters and mail them to you.

Use the Adobe 1998 color profile, then convert to a SWOP CMYK profile and save the image. This should give you colors that are close to what you are actually looking at.

If we like your counters, we may make arangements with you to sell them to others. It is, after all, your material.