Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 8 Number 1

Anzio, Panzer Blitz, Battle of the Bulge, Luftwaffe, 1914, Gettysburg.

Volume 8 Number 2

Panzer Blitz, Waterloo, Stalingrad, Gettysburg, Simulating the Art of War _ Part 3.

Volume 8 Number 3

Luftwaffe, Anzio, Afrika Korps, Panzer Blitz, Stalingrad, 1914.


Volume 8 Number 4

Panzer Blitz, Bismarck, Gettysburg, Anzio, 1914, Luftwaffe, Blitzkrieg, Decision Analysis, Dissimulating the Art of War.


Volume 8 Number 5

Panzer Blitz, 1914, Origins, Blitzkrieg, Decision Analysis Part 2, The Renaissance of Infantry, In Defense of Strategic Bombing.

Volume 8 Number 6

Battle of the Bulge, Stalingrad, Panzer Blitz, 1914, Midway, Waterloo.