Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 25 Number 1

Kremlin, Lost World, Merchant of Venus, Second Fleet, The Last Hurrah. A Historian's Guide to Avalon Hill Wargames II, The Top Turret Gunner Doesn't Answer, An Anniversary Smorgasbord.

Volume 25 Number 2

Tac Air, FirePower, Platoon, MBT, 7th Fleet, Arab Israeli Wars. Counters


Volume 25 Number 3

Patton's Best, Turning Point: Stalingrad, Afrika Korps, Third Reich, West of Alamein, PanzerGruppe Guderian, Panzer Blitz, Storm Over Arnhem, Panzer Leader, Battle of the Bulge.

Volume 25 Number 4

Enemy in Sight, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Victory in the Pacific, Napoleon's Battles, 1776, Tokyo Express.


Volume 25 Number 5

Gettysburg 1988, 1776, Advanced Squad Leader, Civil War, Lee vs Grant, Rail Baron, Yellowstone, Devil's Den, Empire in Arms, Guns of August, Bull Run.


Volume 25 Number 6

Advanced Squad Leader, West of Alelaimen, Red Barricades, Panzer Armee Afrika, St. Nazaire, Up Front, FirePower, Pax Britannica.