Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 22 Number 1

PanzerArmee Afrika, Tobruk, Down With The King, Trireme, Gunslinger, Air Assult on Malta, Afrika Korps, Civilization, Diplomacy, Third Riech, Married to a Gamer. Insert, Victory Insider #8

Volume 22 Number 2

Up Front & Banzai, Flat Top, Submarine, Victory in the Pacific, The Quality Point System. Insert

Volume 22 Number 3

Panzer Blitz, Panzer Leader, Third Reich, Diplomacy, Civilization, Up Front & Banzai, Guns of August, Arab Israeli Wars, The Longest Day. Insert


Volume 22 Number 4

The Russian Front, Russian Campaign, PanzerKrieg, Diplomacy, Third Reich, Submarine, Interview: Charlie Kibler, PanzerGruppe Guderian, GROTEKA. Insert

Volume 22 Number 5

Devil's Den, Gunslinger, Bull Run, Diplomacy, Stellar Conquest, Interview: Bruce Shelley, For Want of a General, Freedom in the Galaxy, Advanced Squad Leader. Insert

Volume 22 Number 6

Advanced Squad Leader, FirePower, Interview: Don Greenwood, War at Sea, Diplomacy, Fortress Europa, The Longest Day. Insert