Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 21 Number 1

Up Front, Storm Over Arnhem, Squad Leader, The Russian Campaign, D-Day. Insert: Squad Leader scenario, Victory Insider: Hell's Highway.


Volume 21 Number 2

Squad Leader, Napoleon At Bay, War & Peace, Hundred Days Battle, Napoleon, Diplomacy, France '40, Fortress Europa, Third Reich, Battle For Italy, 1776, War & Peace, Squad Leader, Source Of The Nile. Insert.Victory Insider: NATO.

Volume 21 Number 3

Source Of The Nile, Squad Leader, The Civil War, Battle Of The Bulge, Third Reich, Diplomacy, Frederick The Great, Fortress Europa, Starship Troopers, The Longest Day, Panzer Leader, Naval War, War & Peace, Storm Over Arnhem, 1776. Insert:The Civil War counters, Source of the Nile log sheet, Squad Leader scenario. Victory Insider: Vietnam.

Volume 21 Number 4

Panzergruppe Guderian, Panzerblitz, Third Reich, The Russian Campaign, Diplomacy, Stalingrad, Squad Leader, Panzerkrieg. Insert. Victory Insider: Vietnam II

Volume 21 Number 5

Conquistador, Hitler's War, Magic Realm, Diplomacy, Third Reich, Rail Baron, Conquistador, Civilization, Squad Leader. Insert

Volume 21 Number 6

Firepower, Arab-Israeli Wars, Blitzkrieg, Tactics II, Squad Leader, Panzerkrieg, Battle Of The Bulge, Tactics II. Insert