Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 19 Number 1

Storm Over Arnhem, The Longest Day, Third Reich, Down With The King, Tobruk. Insert: Contest, Editor's Choice Awards.

Volume 19 Number 2

Battle Of The Bulge, The Longest Day, Squad Leader, Third Reich, Storm Over Arnhem. Insert: Update To CRT for Battle Of The Bulge.

Volume 19 Number 3

Gunslinger, Diplomacy, Richthofen's War, Gettysburg, Little Round Top, 1776, Squad Leader, They Shall Be Playtesters, A Review Of Rommel's Dungeon, Books For Wargamers. Insert: Additional Counters and Charts for Gunslinger.

Volume 19 Number 4

Civilization, Circus Maximus, Diplomacy, Gladiator / Circus Maximus, Oh_Wah_Ree, Alexander, Trireme, Wizard's Quest, Squad Leader, Third Reich. Insert: Kadesh Variant map and Counters for Alexander the Great.

Volume 19 Number 5

Struggle Of Nations, War & Peace, Diplomacy, Waterloo, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Squad Leader. Insert: Advanced Squad Leader Scenarios.

Volume 19 Number 6

Victory In The Pacific, Third Reich, Diplomacy, Flat Top,
Bismarck, Naval War, Submarine, Squad Leader, Submarine, A Historian's Guide To AH Wargames _ One Man's Views. Insert: Advanced Squad Leader Scenario.