Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 18 Number 1

Fury In The West, Bismarck, Squad Leader, Dune, Diplomacy, Afrika Korps, Sports Illustrated Sports Games, Panzerblitz, Alexander, War & Peace, Staff Briefing - Interview: Tom Dalgliesh.

Volume 18 Number 2

Air Force, Squad Leader, Afrika Korps, Third Reich, Tobruk, Arab-Israeli Wars, Victory In The Pacific, Diplomacy, D-Day, Squad Leader, Staff Briefing - Interview: Dale Sheaffer.

Volume 18 Number 3

Guns Of August, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Air Assault On Crete, Squad Leader, Afrika Korps, Victory In The Pacific, Squad Leader, Diplomacy.

Volume 18 Number 4

Gladiator, Squad Leader, Luftwaffe, War & Peace, Air Assault On Crete, Fortress Europa, War At Sea, Afrika Korps. Staff Briefing - Interview: Alan R. Moon.

Volume 18 Number 5

Third Reich, Squad Leader, The Russian Campaign, Tobruk, Caesar's Legions, Squad Leader, Dune.

Volume 18 Number 6

Flat Top, Victory In The Pacific, Midway, Blitz Japanese, Source Of The Nile, Submarine, Blitzkrieg, Submissions To The GENERAL.