Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 15 Number 1

Gettysburg, Squad Leader, Starship Troopers, TheRussian Campaign, Interview: John Edwards. Insert: Gettysburg contest.

Volume 15 Number 2

Panzer Leader, Stalingrad, Third Reich, D_Day, Rail Baron, Victory In The Pacific, Interview: Andrew McNeil. Insert: Panzer Leader contest, scenarios, counters.

Volume 15 Number 3

Air Assault On Crete, The Russian Campaign, Third Reich, Squad Leader, War At Sea. Insert: Air Assult contest, War at Sea maps.

Volume 15 Number 4

Submarine, Panzerblitz, Third Reich, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Squad Leader, Waterloo, Caesar's Legions. Insert: Submarine Atlantic Map.

Volume 15 Number 5

Midway, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Afrika Korps, Third Reich, D_Day, War At Sea, Starship Troopers, Squad Leader, Caesar At Alesia, Feudal. Insert: Midway contest, Coral Sea Variant Counters.

Volume 15 Number 6

Squad Leader, Victory At Sea, Arab_Israeli Wars, Starship Troopers, Panzer Leader. Insert: Squad Leader contest, ASL Scenario's A, B, C, D.